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E State Automation’s core product is its ‘CellVisor’ cellular remote monitoring and control technology (click here for CellVisor PDF Data Sheet). The module is designed to be flexible in its operation, offering optional internet or dial-up based GSM/GPRS, Next G or Satellite network communication.

E State identified that, as well as needing to be suited to the industrial market, the product also had to meet the monitoring needs of environmental and rural industry customers. In many of these applications, mains power is not available, so CellVisor’s design had to provide low power modes suitable for an efficient solar-powered solution.

The CellVisor module can operate with either the GSM or Next G mobile networks. It offers GPRS capability. The module also provides full two way SMS based access for alarming and control.

CellVisor also offers a 500mW 915MHz digital band radio option that can provide a remote I/O solution for multiple sites at a range of up to 5km. technology (click here for CellVisor Radio Solutions PDF Data Sheet).

We are shortly releasing our Thuraya Satellite network version of CellVisor. This solution will provide full two way internet based remote monitoring and control for those sites where no cellular network signal is present.

It is important to note that there are no software licence fees applicable to this technology. Server and PC based configuration software are issued licence free and can be used on as many terminals as required. The CellVisor technology is completely scalable in its operation, from a single site to many hundreds of sites. The scalability of the technology coupled with licence free software enables users to gradually build the number of monitored sites over a period of time without having to outlay any significant expenditure up front.

Sample Applications

Listed below are some of the many and varied remote monitoring and control applications where our CellVisor technology is currently being employed:

CellVisor is presently monitoring:

Weather conditions at road work sites, mining sites and National Parks
Soil moisture on cropping farms
Farmland frost conditions
Stream water quality
Line sag on high tension wire power networks
Railway infrastructure such as level crossing operation and track temperature
Local government waste water pumping station operation
Power generation systems
Utility supply and usage meters
Waste compaction systems
PLC Networks

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