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Typical System Configuration


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Typical System Configuration

The following diagram illustrates a typical CellVisor application.

In this application, a council is remotely monitoring and controlling playing field floodlighting and irrigation of one of their sports playing fields using CellVisor with our custom ‘PlayState’ software package specifically designed for remote playing field management (click here for PlayState Overview PDF Data Sheet).

The primary CellVisor module is mounted at the lighting control point located at the park amenities building. This module has an on-board Next G/GPRS cellular modem and a 915MHz radio card. Lighting and irrigation operation schedules are prepared at the council officer’s desk using the CellVisor configuration software residing on the council server. Schedules to control the field lighting and irrigation are sent from the council office to the park primary controller via the internet. Field lighting is then operated by the primary controller in accordance with the scheduled requirement. Communication is two way, with the primary controller logging and reporting on system operation. Commands to operate the irrigation controller are sent via the 915MHz radio link from the primary controller. The CellVisor controller at the irrigation control point has on-board radio only

Sporting clubs using the field also have the ability to control the field lighting via SMS. Authorised users can turn lighting on and off within their allocated usage period.

All control operations are logged, and provide a comprehensive record for operational audit and billing purposes.

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