eState Automation

Technology Partners

E State Automation works closely with its clients in the engineering of a tailored remote communication solution, delivering a functionality specific to the needs of the client.

The following organizations have partnered E State Automation in the development of their products and services:

Robway Crane Safety Systems Pty Ltd

Robway’s E-Log technology provides cellular and satellite based remote monitoring, control and logging solution for mobile industrial plant and equipment.

Boztek Solutions

Boztek specialize in the provision weather and environmental systems offering a web based cellular and satellite remote monitoring and control solution.


RMTeK Pty Ltd

RMTek designs and delivers remote vision solutions. Their core technology is their RMCam product. RMCam is stand-alone, solar powered internet based remote vision system that offers comprehensive monitoring and control functionality. The technology communicates via the Next G cellular network.

Sentinel Pty Ltd

Sentinel specializes in the design, implementation, operation and data management of remote surface hydrography and environmental monitoring systems.

BAT Electronics

BAT designs and supplies rural based irrigation and water management remote monitoring and control solutions.

For more information please contact Lloyd Ball on 0438 322 710

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